Spring Fashion: College Edition 2017

Aloha, Royalties! Spring is almost over, so today I bring the most used fashion trends by college students in Puerto Rico. I photographed different students so you can see the styles and colors that they are using on the streets.

(Para leer en Español clickea aquí)

Puerto Rico’s weather is very hot, therefore, loose shirts and blouses are on trend all year long with shorts and skirts. Light colors like white and light blue have been the most used this year. Also, minimalist accessories in gold and silver have been an essential touch to most outfits.


*Jean and Leather Jackets


*White T’s

*Wide Leg Pants



*White and Black Sneakers


*Boat Shoes



*Light Blue

*Navy Blue







What outfits did you like? What did you wear this spring? Tell me in the comments!


Clara Villaman

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