Winter Trend 2018: College Edition

Aloha, Royalties, This is the first post of the year, and I´m very excited to share with you what students at the University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras, have been wearing. As you may all know already, we´ve been going through some tough time after the hurricane, therefore, this semester is a little bit differentContinue reading “Winter Trend 2018: College Edition”

La vida después de un huracán

Aloha, Royalties, Espero que todos estén bien y que estén teniendo una vida bendecida. Si me sigues en mis redes sociales, ya sabes que he estado aguantando algunos proyectos que tengo para el blog, gracias al resultado del #HuracánMaría en mi país Puerto Rico. Casi todo el mundo recibió la noticia de la situación, sinContinue reading “La vida después de un huracán”

Life After a Hurricane

Aloha, Royalties, I hope you’re all doing great and are having a blessed life. If you follow me on social media, you already know that I was holding some projects for the blog because of the results of #HurricaneMaria in my country Puerto Rico. Almost everyone around the world got the news of our situation;Continue reading “Life After a Hurricane”

Unusual Girls by Bianca Sofía Montoya

Aloha, Royalties! The agenda for today is: Meet the talented Bianca Sofía Montoya, creator of Unusual Girls. I bring to you an interview where you’ll know about her, her art, her future plans, and so much more.  She tell us why she is a #GirlBoss: (Para leer en español, haz click aquí) “I started drawingContinue reading “Unusual Girls by Bianca Sofía Montoya”

Unusual Girls por Bianca Sofía Montoya

Aloha, Royalties! Hoy tenemos en agenda: Conocer a la joven talentosa Bianca Sofía Montoya, creadora de Unusual Girls. Les traigo una entrevista en la cual conocerán acerca de ella, su arte, planes futuros entre muchas cosas más. Ella nos dice por qué es una #GirlBoss: (To read in English click here)  “Comencé a dibujar desdeContinue reading “Unusual Girls por Bianca Sofía Montoya”

Male Fashion: College Edition

Hey, people, welcome to my blog! Today I bring a huge collab and this one is targeted for GUYS. Yes, you read correctly, for guys! I know that guys sometimes feel like there isn’t much blogging about them, therefore I contacted a classmate, a friend photographer and a male model, to share with you someContinue reading “Male Fashion: College Edition”

Male Fashion: College Edition (Español) 

¡Hola, gente, bienvenidos a mi blog! Hoy les traigo una súper colaboración, y está dirigida a CHICOS. ¡SÍ, leíste bien, es para chicos! Yo sé que a veces los chicos sienten que no hay muchos blogs para ellos, así contacté a un compañero de clases, a un amigo fotógrafo y a un chico modelo, paraContinue reading “Male Fashion: College Edition (Español) ”

Fall Fashion: College Edition by Clara Villaman (Bilingüe)

Hello, there! Today I will show you the trends and color scheme that college students are wearing this fall in Puerto Rico. Our weather is beach perfect all year long, therefore, our trends tend to be fresh and comfy. I started this project last year, where I showcase the style and personality of different students;Continue reading “Fall Fashion: College Edition by Clara Villaman (Bilingüe)”

Spring Fashion: College Edition by Clara Villaman. (Bilingüe)

   Welcome back to my blog! Today I will be sharing what this spring fashion looks like in Puerto Rico. I took pictures of students from The University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus; where they can show you with their own personal style, how we do it in Puerto Rico. So, without any furtherContinue reading “Spring Fashion: College Edition by Clara Villaman. (Bilingüe)”