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College Outfit Ideas: Mix Match for a Month

Aloha, Royalties,

Welcome to my blog! I’ve been asked soooo many times for this post and finally here it is. I know the struggle of not knowing what to wear, especially when it seems like you´ve already worn everything in your closet. But, I want to tell you that it is possible to wear the same clothes for a month without people even noticing. No joke!

Here’s the deal: you need to start identifying basic pieces that you already own and start building your outfit from that.

Have in mind: Basic jeans, blouses, shirts, plain sneakers, neutral color flats, button ups, and layering pieces.

Do´s: Neutral colors, plain, and basic pieces.

Don´ts: Patterns, bright colors, flashy/extravagant pieces, and anything that is trendy at the moment.

*Lee en español aquí. *

  1. Play with basic colors: Blue, white, black, and nudes. You can wear the same shirt up to 3 times in a week and all you have to do is wear different pants and play with your accessories.
A basic blouse with jean shorts is going to save your life in college. Just accessorize and you´re good to go.
Keep your look sleek and simple, then play with your hair and makeup to pop out.
Let nude colors be your BFF during college, you’ll thank me later.

2. How to wear your colors: I love wearing colors, but the truth is that if I want to make the most out of your clothing, you need to keep colors to a minimal. Here are some ideas on how you can style your colors and getting away with wearing them often.

Keep the rest of your outfit simple. From white sneakers to some jeans, your look is going to be cute but not flashy.
Play around with layers and bags. When you use a jacket or purse as your highlighting color, you can definitely wear it with other looks.

Use the color of your choice in other aspects of your look like makeup, nails, or accessories.

3: Other outfit ideas: Now that you have your basics, here are other ideas on how you can level up your outfits by adding comfortable pieces and accessorizing.

Sweaters are very comfortable and easy to style.
T Shirt dresses are a very cute way to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. You can always add a jacket or hat to make it look fab.
Furry jackets or any type of jacket, honestly, is a great way to add a little something extra to your look. Another way to elevate your look is by wearing some cool shoes like boots or sneakers.

At the end of the day it does not matter what you are wearing, it is all about how you wear it. Show your style, be your best self, and ace this semester, you got this!

As usual, thank you so much for reading me! I hope this post is helpful, and let me know if you use one of these tips on my social media.


Clara Villman

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