Aloha, Royalties,

Yeah, it’s been a while, I know. But, I’ve been hustling hard. Working and studying full-time, plus freelancing all the way. I barely have the time, but I’m back. As you can tell by the title, I’m going to share with you the best 5 (Instagramable) places to get your coffee in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

It’s no surprise I’m addicted to coffee and that I’ve had as many cups of coffee, as I’ve kissed frogs that weren’t Princes. Ugh! Let’s get started.

1. Rubén’s Café:
On top of my list I have this cozy Dominican/Puerto Rican Cuisine Restaurant. Every time I tell people this is the best place to get coffee, they look at me like I’m crazy. AND I AM, crazy in love with their coffee. They NEVER disappoint and all of the people I’ve obligated to try it, they pretty much thank me for it. So, go ahead, ask for a latte here, and thank me later.

2. Café Comunión:
This is not only the perfect place to enjoy a good cup of coffee, but it is the perfect place to have a sweet treat. I swear, they have the best carrot cake eveeer.

3. Gustos: Ok, this place is MAGICAL. Stunning!!! It has the perfect vibes and it’s just great to be there. And yes, coffee is delicious.

4. Quimera Café Literario:
Here’s a secret: This is my favorite place hands down. It’s the dream place of every bookworm. They have the warmest employees ever. I enjoy every second in that coffee shop. They sell books, they have book clubs for kids and adults, and they have monthly literary theme decor at the shop.

5. Kudough’s Donuts: The coolest place you can visit in San Juan, no joke. Very contemporary, no basic donuts, cool craft beers, but most importantly, good coffee.

These are my favorite places to have coffee, but I’m sure there are many hidden gems in San Juan, do you know one? Thanks for reading me!


Clara Villaman

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