How I lost 40 Pounds

Aloha, Royalties! I’ve been asked repeatedly how did I lose weight; therefore, I decided to share it in a blog post so all of you can read, follow and see how I did it. I’m not an expert, and I haven’t lost all of the weight I should lose, but I certainly lost weight following a new lifestyle.

Let me break this down to you: EATING LESS JUNK FOOD HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT. Guys, it’s true. What I did was: Eat healthier versions of what I like, walk 30 to 40 minutes a day, and having a positive mindset.

It is important that you stick to it long enough to see results. Be active, and be occupied so you will not fail. It is a lifestyle, not something you are doing for a short term.

I swear, no magic pill, just a small adjustment in my life. Now that I have lost 40 pounds, I’ve been stuck, this means that I will have to workout and restrict a little my diet. This is because my body got used to what I was doing, that now it just maintains the weight.

Let me show you some Before and After pics:

Once again, thanks for reading me, I appreciate it. If you would like for me to share some of my healthy recipes, tell me in the comments section.


Clara Villaman

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