Winter Trend 2018: College Edition

Aloha, Royalties,

This is the first post of the year, and I´m very excited to share with you what students at the University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras, have been wearing. As you may all know already, we´ve been going through some tough time after the hurricane, therefore, this semester is a little bit different for us. I want to share with you the beautiful and diverse students at my university, and how they inspire me to keep on going by putting on their cool clothes.

Trends this year:

  1. Regular Skinny Jeans: apparently this new year we say bye-bye to ripped jeans?
  2. Reds and blues: Wow, how many people rocking those two colors.
  3. Stripes: Stripes are a huge thing now, and I´m loving it.
  4. Minimalistic accessories: This year I´ve noticed less jewelry on the students and more natural and soft looks.

Here are the pictures to prove this:

Once again, thanks for reading and sharing my content, I appreciate it all.


Clara Villaman

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