The Beginning: Princess CL

Aloha, Royalties,

Today we’re going to talk about the meaning behind my name: “Princess CL”, and how everything started. Many people ask me why I chose that name, others, think I’m just a diva who thinks she’s a princess. But is it really? Let’s start talking! 

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It all started when my 5th grade teacher, Ms. L. Rosario, discovered my “abilities” for writing. I still remember my first poem; I didn’t know it was one until she told me. I did some writing throughout my school years; but it wasn’t until 2016 that I realized how much I love it. 

I’ve been writing poetry and music since I was 11; but in 2014, I decided to start my blog. At first, it was going to be a type of diary, but then it became a Lifestyle and Fashion Blog for College Students. I love the way it turned out, it’s different from everything I’ve ever written. Every post challenges me, helps me learn, and develop my abilities. 

In 2011, when was in the eleventh grade, one day I went to “Marshalls” just to look around, when I found the book that changed me. Now, it didn’t change me in ways that you would expect, but it did. It marked my path; the one meant for me. “The Princess Diaries: Pretty in Pink“, by Meg Cabot. I fell in love with Cabot’s writing, it was refreshing, different… It was special. I wanted to be like her, I wanted to write! 

Now, why “Princess CL”? Well, I think you’re already guessing that Meg Cabot’s book inspired me, but what about “CL”? It’s simple, my initials. No, “CL” is not for the first two letters of my name (“CLara”), it’s for Clara Lucille. Many friends have told me that they love my name and that it sounds like a princess name, so I thought “Princess CL” was perfect. 

The name for my blog it’s not “shallow”, it’s not me trying to be “sassy” or whatever you may think. It has a deep meaning for me, it means the genesis of my calling, of my passion, of my life. I will always be grateful for the day I found that book, and for my mom for naming me Clara Lucille, meaning “light” and “clarity”. That’s something that I don’t want to ever forget, so I named my blog after that. 

I believe everything that happens in your life, is meant for you, even those little things that doesn’t seem like much. “Pretty In Pink”, was meant for me, and I listened to what the universe was telling me through the book, through Meg Cabot’s writing. I want to read your stories! Is there a special meaning behind your name, nickname, or social media names? Tell me in the comments.


Clara Villaman 

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