Struggles You Know Are Real If You Wear Glasses

Aloha, Royalties! Welcome to my blog if you’re visiting for the first time, and hugs for those of you who always read me. Today I bring something different, I’m going to vent with you… Well, something like that. 

Many people don’t know about the adversities we confront daily when we use glasses, so I got the idea of making a list with those struggles. I talked to some friends who use glasses, so they would share their anecdotes with me  Let’s get started!

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1. Always, but always, one of the “arms” (temples) loosen up. Why are they that way? 

2. Being near a child is a battle. Sometimes I think every kid is programmed to always take off people’s glasses.

3. They get dirty or cloudy every instance. Such work! 

4. Exercising with glasses on? Another battle. They slip a lot when you’re doing any physical activity; you can’t workout like that. 

5. Having tons of cool sunglasses but not being able to wear them ever. Such is life! 

6. Getting out of a cold place is the worst, they get horribly foggy. 

7. Sleeping with your glasses on? Don’t think about it! If you don’t want to lose your $250 investment, don’t go to bed with them.

8. Every girl that uses glasses have been through the suffering of getting a super cute makeup to go out, but having her annoying glasses act like a mask for her art work. It can’t work that way! 

9. Actually, it isn’t that bad, but it becomes annoying when people asume that you are intelligent or that you know all the answers, just because you wear glasses. C’mon people, really? 

10. Going to the beach or the pool is an odyssey. Or you risk loosing them in the water, or you don’t see while you get a splash, there’s no in-between. 

11. Tripping over and suffering  more for your glasses, than for your fall. We’ve all been there!

12. Going to a big party or being in a place full of people can be your worst nightmare because you know that if your glasses get knocked down, you will never recover them in good conditions. 

13. There’s nothing  better than to eat juicy fruits. Well, just until they splash your glasses. That’s it, I’m done! 

14. Kissing someone? Is an art  you learn to manage. Kissing someone who also wears glasses? A whole show! 

15. Not being able to see clearly, even with your glasses on. I’ve been there!

But even if we are destined to struggle in life, we can proudly say that we love our glasses; and that in the adversities, we know how to find the positive in everything. Because at the end of the day, the best things that the glasses have are:

1. We can see with them! Really, there’s no other feeling in the world. There’s no bigger satisfaction than being able to distinguish your friends when you are at the mall or  at the university. 

3. They hide our dark-circles and our out of shape eyebrows, I don’t have to say more.    

4. They make us look interesting, sophisticated and intellectual. Benefits? People always give you attention and they take you seriously. We are winning in life! 

5. Even though they are all “glasses”, not every one of them are designed the same. Therefore, we all look different, and they can match our own style and personality.

Anyway, if you wear glasses, contact lenses, or if you have a perfect vision, it doesn’t matter; what counts is that you can see just fine, and for that we need to be happy. 

These are some of the things that we’ve been through with our glasses, what other things have happened to you? 

“See” you later,

Clara Villaman

(Photography by: Josué L.J. Díaz)

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