Unusual Girls by Bianca Sofía Montoya

Aloha, Royalties! The agenda for today is: Meet the talented Bianca Sofía Montoya, creator of Unusual Girls. I bring to you an interview where you’ll know about her, her art, her future plans, and so much more.

 She tell us why she is a #GirlBoss:

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“I started drawing since I was very little. Every summer, I went to art camps and I also took design, painting and drawing classes during the semester.

Through my art I want to let people know that you shouldn’t be afraid to be who you are. Nobody can judge you, only you. Never stop being yourself. I believe that women should have the liberty to look and wear whatever she wants, we are art.

The importance of being eccentric is that you should be faithful to who you are. Nobody can dictate how you live your life. You’ll achieve happiness following your own dreams and goals. There will be thousands that want to see you fall, but there will be millions that will be happy for your success. Don’t be afraid to show the colors you have inside through your personality and the way you look.

Besides drawing, I love the big paintings. Murals are an exaggerated form of expression that cannot be embodied in a small medium, and I love that. The work that it takes shows the real talent of a good artist.

My favorite artists (singers) are Buscabulla, Gustavo Cerati, Fleetwood Mac, Lady Gaga, Anabel Englud, Nicolas Jaar, and many others. From some magazines and Instagram accounts I love Plastik Magazine, Dollskill, Mamadoux, Oliver Hibert, Felipe Pantone, etc. I get inspired a lot by art and fashion books that I get every time I travel.

Right now, I just graduated with a major in Public Relations and Publicity from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. I currently work as a freelance graphic artist, making paintings and selling my art on social media. In the future, I would love to have my own brand, Unusual Girls, and would sell art, accessories, notebooks and art supplies.

I consider that my style is based in creating women inspired by the latest fashion trends. I include on them everything that I find to be different, unusual or flashy. I use bright colors and a lot of prints on clothes.

My advice for the youth is that in addition to following their dreams, they should create a sustainable lifestyle surrounded by the things they are passionate about. They should find what makes them happy when they wake up; and then find the way to make that something indispensable for their daily life. There’s no worse fear than the one that you don’t defeat, therefore, if your interior is pushing you to do something, go for it!”

-Bianca Sofía Montoya

I fell completely in love with Bianca Sofía’s talent. I love her unusual style and her eccentricity. Have you seen her social medias? Find her on Facebook as Unusual Girls , on Instagram as @BiancasMontoya  and on her webpage Bianca Sofía Montoya.

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