The Truth Behind Valentine’s Day 

Aloha, Royalties! Now that everyone has eaten their chocolates and sweets, let’s have a mini “Pillow-Talk”! What’s Valentine’s Day really about? What are we supposed to do on this day? Today I will talk about the meaning behind this celebration to me.

Why are people so obsessed with Valentine’s Day? If you have a partner, this is the day where you show the world that you actually love them;  you want to fulfill everyone’s expectations. You see how I said “everyone’s”? Because nowadays it is more about what others expect you to do, than anything else. We see all these videos about big “love” surprises, that apparently, everyone wants. We see girls and boys sharing “hints” on social media about what they want, talking about the “love” they will never have, etc. Sometimes these posts are shared by people in relationships, and then you wonder if they’re unhappy or is just that they measure love with material things.

 We live in a society of extreme consumerism. The more expensive and luxurious the gift, the bigger the love. But is it? We live in a society where having a relationship is almost mandatory. We see how obsessed people are and how much they want someone by their side. This is so extreme that people even pay on dating sites. What for? Or better said, for whom do we do all these things? What are we trying to proof? 

On the other hand, I do like the idea of having people get together for these “celebrations”, because at least, people make the time to be with their loved ones. For me it’s like the perfect excuse to share with family and friends when we normally wouldn’t. Therefore, Yes, Valentine’s Day can be a “cute” celebration, but we shouldn’t show “how much” we care about others on just one day, it should be all year round. Our love shouldn’t be measured by the things we buy or don’t buy. We shouldn’t wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to visit our relatives or call an old friend. Let’s show we care everyday, let’s not have the system tell us what to do and when to do it! 

Once again thank you for reading me. Tell me what you think about all these celebrations, and tell me how you “celebrated” Valentine’s Day.


Clara Villaman

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