Problemas que sabes que son reales si usas lentes 

Aloha, Royalties! Bienvenidos a mi blog si vienen por primera vez, y un abrazo a los que siempre me leen. Hoy vengo con algo distinto, vengo a desahogarme… Bueno, algo así. Mucha gente no sabe las adversidades que enfrentamos a diario los que usamos espejuelos, así que se me ocurrió hacer una lista de esosContinue reading “Problemas que sabes que son reales si usas lentes “

Struggles You Know Are Real If You Wear Glasses

Aloha, Royalties! Welcome to my blog if you’re visiting for the first time, and hugs for those of you who always read me. Today I bring something different, I’m going to vent with you… Well, something like that.  Many people don’t know about the adversities we confront daily when we use glasses, so I gotContinue reading “Struggles You Know Are Real If You Wear Glasses”

Unusual Girls by Bianca Sofía Montoya

Aloha, Royalties! The agenda for today is: Meet the talented Bianca Sofía Montoya, creator of Unusual Girls. I bring to you an interview where you’ll know about her, her art, her future plans, and so much more.  She tell us why she is a #GirlBoss: (Para leer en español, haz click aquí) “I started drawingContinue reading “Unusual Girls by Bianca Sofía Montoya”

Unusual Girls por Bianca Sofía Montoya

Aloha, Royalties! Hoy tenemos en agenda: Conocer a la joven talentosa Bianca Sofía Montoya, creadora de Unusual Girls. Les traigo una entrevista en la cual conocerán acerca de ella, su arte, planes futuros entre muchas cosas más. Ella nos dice por qué es una #GirlBoss: (To read in English click here)  “Comencé a dibujar desdeContinue reading “Unusual Girls por Bianca Sofía Montoya”

The Truth Behind Valentine’s Day 

Aloha, Royalties! Now that everyone has eaten their chocolates and sweets, let’s have a mini “Pillow-Talk”! What’s Valentine’s Day really about? What are we supposed to do on this day? Today I will talk about the meaning behind this celebration to me. Why are people so obsessed with Valentine’s Day? If you have a partner,Continue reading “The Truth Behind Valentine’s Day “

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

Hello, is it me you’re looking for? I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your smile. Ok, I’ll stop! Aloha, Royalties! Welcome to my blog! Today is Valentine’s Day, and I know many of you don’t know what to get your friend, a family member, your crush or someone special.Continue reading “Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas”