Male Fashion: College Edition

Hey, people, welcome to my blog! Today I bring a huge collab and this one is targeted for GUYS. Yes, you read correctly, for guys! I know that guys sometimes feel like there isn’t much blogging about them, therefore I contacted a classmate, a friend photographer and a male model, to share with you some fashionable outfits for college students. So, let’s get started!

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First, I’ll present to you, my classmate Iván Justiniano; we met on my italian class. His syle is very fresh, juvenile and super fashionable. I chose him, not only for his great sense of fashion, but because he has a strong but bubbly personality, and he is a great leader. Here are the outfits he chose for you!

1. “This outfit is one that can be worn on those hot summer days or even on hot spring days. There’s nothing more comfortable than a nice pair of shorts, and nothing more fashion and trendy than a nice pair of white sneakers and a white tee, shirt or polo. Let’s start from the bottom up, the white sneakers can be worn in any type of outfit, with shirts, jeans, shorts, chinos, polos, tees, and in some cases they go well with a casual suit, and of course they never go out of style! On those hot summer and spring days, when one aspires to be comfortable, a nice pair of shorts are a must, and not just one, we all need a few! And who doesn’t have a white shirt? On summer, light colors are in, and a nice white shirt, polo, or tee go’s well with any bottom, and just in case you go to a restaurant or a cold classroom, an open jacket, like this denim jacket, is a classy and nice look, with it you can give a hint of formality to your outfit and stay hot or dry if it rains”.

2. “This outfit is an essential for those cold autumn and winter days. A dark pair of jeans, a plaid or flannel shirt, and a nice pair of boots gives the outfit a classic and rustic feel. There’s nothing more essential for these seasons, than a nice pair of boots, in these case some chukka boots, that like white sneakers in summer and spring, they never go out of style and they give the outfit a touch of masculinity and formality. Dark jeans, just like boots, give a touch of formality to the outfit and one could play with them in other outfits, more than with any other type of jean. Autumn and winter are the perfect time to dig through your closet and give those plaid and flannel shirts some necessary wears! These shirts are a bit more casual than solid shirts and they go well with any pair of jeans or pants, and of course with some boots. This kind of outfits are the ones that we all look to nail, specially in these seasons. And how can we forget the cardigan sweater?!? A basic cardigan or sweater complements any outfit, specially this one, and are necessary for those cold days”.

Now, let me talk about  Héctor Gabriel. We met at a fashion show, where I was the Master of Ceremonies. We are both very social, so it was a matter of seconds for us to talk and bond. Héctor is a beautiful young man, with a great personality. He’s an animal lover, and you’ll see that in his shots. I chose him because he understands what guys want to wear, he is a male model, and because he has a great sense of fashion.

1. “This look is very juvenile and super cool! You can wear this for a hot day and also for a chill day, you’ll look very fashionable. Puerto Rico is very hot; for that reason, use shorts and tennis shoes, that way you’ll be set for the day!”

2. “If you want to change your routine and use cold tones, this look is perfect for you. The shirt has light colors that compliments with the cardigan. Put on a pair of black pants, and you’re ready to go!”

About the photographer, we met on the summer of 2013 in the university. We always stayed in contact through social media where I saw his work, but it wasn’t until the fashion show where I was the Master of Ceremonies, that we talked to work together. Here’s a message by Josué Díaz

“I am Josué Díaz (L.J. Díaz), a 21 year old student of Audiovisual Communications and Photography at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. I had my artistic career since I was a kid, when I started playing musical instruments and doing theater. When I turned 18, I began to have a big interest in photography, and since my first class, I became friends with the light and the camera. I decided to enter the modeling world to do better on my work behind the camera, by understanding how it feels to be in front of the lens. Nowadays I specialize on cinematography, but I never separate from the photography. I know Clara since I started the university, and time later, I start to see her blog posts about fashion and lifestyle. By those chances of life, we met on the fashion show where I was modeling. We talked for a while, and that’s how the idea of “Male Fashion: College Edition” came up. It was a very good experience to collaborate with Clara and both models, Héctor and Iván. I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with Clara and other models in the near future”.

Check out his facebook page: Josué Díaz – L.J. Díaz

I loved working with these guys. The positive energy, the creativity and the innovation, were the key for this collab. Tell us what you thought about the outfits in the comments. Don’t forget to like and share this post on your social media if you liked it. 

Thanks for reading me,

Clara Villaman

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