Clara’s Bucket List 2016 (Bilingüe)

Hey, guys, welcome to my blog! I’m Clara Villaman and today I will be sharing with you my updated bucket list. From all of the things I want to do, I decided to choose 30 to do this year, and hopefully I will be able to do it. So, let’s start. 😃

¡Hola, chicos, bienvenidos a mi blog! Yo soy Clara Villaman y hoy les estaré compartiendo mi lista actualizada de cosas que quiero hacer, mejor conocida como bucket list. De todas las cosas que quiero hacer, decidí escoger 30 para hacer este año, y espero poder cumplirlas todas. Así que comencemos. 😃

1. Go to California or New York. / Ir a California o Nueva York.

2. Start eating healthy. / Comenzar a comer saludable.

3. Visit Finca El Girasol in Guánica, Puerto Rico. It is a sunflower farm. / Visitar la finca de girasoles Finca El Girasol en Guánica, Puerto Rico. 

5. Go on a road trip and visit places I’ve never been in my country. / Hacer un paseo y visitar lugares que nunca he visto en mi país.

6. This year I want to create! Create a lot, create anything about everything, that’s what I want. / ¡Este año quiero crear! Crear mucho, crear cualquier cosa acerca de todo, eso es lo que quiero. 

7. Learn how to play at least two songs on the piano./ Aprender a tocar al menos dos canciones en el piano.

8. Write at least 5 songs. / Escribir al menos 5 canciones.

9. Plan a picnic with friends. / Planificar un picnic con amigos.

10. Take pictures of every great moment. / Tomar  fotos de todo momento magnifico.

11. Go to a shooting range. / Ir a un campo de tiro.

12. Cook me breakfast every morning. / Prepararme desayuno todas las mañanas.

13. Try yoga. / Probar la yoga.

14. Try crossfit. / Probar el crossfit.

15. Learn to play chess, it’s time already. / Aprender a jugar ajedrez, ya es hora.

16. Stop Procrastinating. / Parar de procrastinar. 

17. Go to a lake and/or a river. / ir a un lago y/o un río.

18. Get out of my comfort zone and start a conversation with strangers. / Salir de mi zona de seguridad y comenzar una conversación  con extraños.

19. See the snow. / Ver la nieve.

20. Go stargazing. / Ir a ver las estrellas.

21. Plant a tree or a flower. / Sembrar un árbol o una flor.

22. Visit more restaurants and review them on my blog. / Visitar más restaurantes y hacer una reseña en mi blog.

23. Attend to cultural events near me. / Asistir a eventos culturales cerca de mí.

24. Spend the day at a spa. / Durar un día en el spa.

25. Watch the sunset at the beach. / Ver el atardecer en la playa.

26. Start a family tradition. / Comenzar una tradición familiar.

27. Visit at least 5 museums in Puerto Rico. / Visitar al menos 5 museos en Puerto Rico.

28. Take an art class, cooking class or sewing class. / Tomar una clase de arte, de cocina o de costura.

29.  Dye my hair a crazy color. / Pintar mi cabello de un color loco.

30. Attend to a  poetry reading. / asistir a una lectura de  poesía.

That’s my list, now I have to start working on it. Thanks for reading, see you later. ✨🌻

Esa es mi lista, ahora debo comenzar a trabajar con ella. Gracias por leer, nos vemos luego. ✨🌻

Much love,

Mucho amor,

Clara Villaman

6 responses to “Clara’s Bucket List 2016 (Bilingüe)”

  1. Awesome bucket list! California and New York are also on my bucket list, and hopefully I can cross that off this year. 😀

    Oh! and that part about getting out of the comfort zone, that’s one thing I’m struggling at.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah, I wish I can go to one of those cities this year and I hope you can get out of your comfort zone too. (:


  2. Ive recently started yoga!!! you should definitely try it, i cant imagine my life without it now x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I definitely will try it! (:

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s a really good list. Are you sure about the crazy hair color… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Hehe Well, I’m thinking about it! I want to try something different, but it sure will not be my whole hair, I’m thinking about doing a little pink or blue ombré on my ends. (:


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