Spring Fashion: College Edition by Clara Villaman. (Bilingüe)

   Welcome back to my blog! Today I will be sharing what this spring fashion looks like in Puerto Rico. I took pictures of students from The University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus; where they can show you with their own personal style, how we do it in Puerto Rico. So, without any furtherContinue reading “Spring Fashion: College Edition by Clara Villaman. (Bilingüe)”

My Spring Break 2016 🌸🌻

   Hello, guys! This blog post is going to be very brief because as I promised, I will talk a little bit about what I did on spring brake. So, here it is: My spring break is over now, but i had a blast. I went on a road trip around my beautiful country PuertoContinue reading “My Spring Break 2016 🌸🌻”

What to pack for Spring Break// Que empacar para Spring Break.

Heeey, guys! I just got home from a road trip with some of my friends from college and I had so much fun, it was amaziiing. I obviously did some serious packing for it, therefore, I want to share with you what I packed and bought for this awesome trip around my beautiful country PuertoContinue reading “What to pack for Spring Break// Que empacar para Spring Break.”

Abracadabra Counter Cafe Review/ Reseña

   Hello, there! If you live in San Juan, Puerto Rico or you’re just in the area, this post is for you. Last week I went to the famous Abracadabra Counter Cafe’s brunch and let me tell you, I was a little bit impressed. I was expecting a good breakfast, but for my surprise, IContinue reading “Abracadabra Counter Cafe Review/ Reseña”

Clara’s Bucket List 2016 (Bilingüe)

Hey, guys, welcome to my blog! I’m Clara Villaman and today I will be sharing with you my updated bucket list. From all of the things I want to do, I decided to choose 30 to do this year, and hopefully I will be able to do it. So, let’s start. 😃 ¡Hola, chicos, bienvenidosContinue reading “Clara’s Bucket List 2016 (Bilingüe)”