A new year has come and everyone is writing their resolutions and wishes in order for them to have a better year. I decided to do a list of things I want to accomplish during this year and hopefully, for the rest of my days.

Things I want to do or change in 2016:

1. Be healthier.

2. Be happier.

3. Be Active.

4. Be Positive.

5. Be a better person.

6. Study more.

7. Keep learning how to play chess, the guitar and the piano.

8. Practice my French.

9. Believe in myself.

10. Trust my instincts.

11. Be bold.

12. Read often.

13. Sing more.

14. Be patient.

15. Enjoy every little detail of life.

16. Follow my dreams.

17. Go to bed early.

18. Go to peaceful places.

19. Appreciate nature.

20. Love and appreciate often my family and friends.

21. Be thankful.

22. Work hard.

23. Take risks.

24. Write more.

25. Be spiritual.

There you have it, my little list of wishes for this new year. I hope this one is full of happiness, health and love for you and your loved ones.

Want to see how I celebrated New Year’s Eve? Click here: http://youtu.be/QDYul1GewpY


Clara Villaman

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