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Clara Villaman

Fashion & Lifestyle (Bilingual Blog)

Fall Trends in Puerto Rico 2015!

What  are the youngsters wearing? Fashion is a great way to express who you are, where you are going, how are you feeling and it can tell you about the weather. For a week, I photographed young college students (boys and girls) and their own personal casual styles. I want to show the world the latest trends for fall in Puerto Rico, and let me tell you, our fall days can be really hot or humid or kind of chilly!

What to expect in Puerto Rican street fashion?

  • Coats, sweaters and patent leather  boots for rainy days.
  • Tons of tanks tops and short sleeves t-shirts.
  • Tennis shoes, sandals, pumps, and combat boots.
  • Cardigans, kimonos and skirts.
  • Ripped Jeans, denim shorts and leggings.

What colors are in?

  • Blue, black, burgundy, yellow(mustard), camel, white and pink.

Want to see the trends? I made a video with the pics, click here:
Remember to dress for yourself! Fashion is art, fashion is you.

With love,

Clara Villaman

7 thoughts on “Fall Trends in Puerto Rico 2015!

  1. *Majoring IN PR* (Big fingers, tiny keyboard. Haha) That’s awesome, I had no idea you could major in translation, I thought it was a graduate course.

    1. It is. You take basic translation classes and a complete language. This is so you can graduate with some basic knowledge. That’s why I’m thinking of also majoring in languages. I’ll graduate later than I wanted but with two or three bachelors depending if they count creative together with translation or not.

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