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Clara Villaman

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Zen Time!

Hello there, welcome to my blog! Today I will be revealing all the little things I do to stay calm and relax.  I will give you tips to achieve that state of mind were you just feel energized, zen and grateful for everything.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional by any means, nor I practice yoga, buddhism, hinduism or anything similar. This is just what I like to do to relax my body and mind. 😊🍃🌾

1. Take a shower: I love to clear my mind while I take a shower. I put some Indie, Folk Pop or Reggae music. I like to open the window in my bathroom so I can get natural lighting. Also, to feel more relaxed, I use my favorite Green Tea and Verbena shower gel.

2. Tea: If you know me already, you know tea is my favorite drink ever. It relaxes me, makes me feel energized and it’s part of my daily routine. Drink any tea of your preference; though I suggest 100% Pure Green Tea because it has many health benefits and it’s perfect to relax. “It’s the healthiest thing I can think of to drink,” says Christopher Ochner, PhD. He’s a research scientist in nutrition at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital. (For more info check:

3. Plants: Having a small plant in your bedroom or in any spot in your house, helps keep the environment clean and peaceful. I own a mini bamboo and I love how calm it feels in my bedroom.

4. Write: Writing helps you free your mind and express your soul through your feelings and emotions. You can write about anything; your thoughts, reflections, goals, things to do, etc.

5. Read: Read anything you want; for it opens a new form of perceiving the world.

6. Scent: Burn a candle or use some oil infuser that you love. Just to add a little something to the room; it makes a huge difference, trust me.

7. Disconnect: In order to connect with your inner peace you have to disconnect your self from the world. Turn off your phone and make sure you are at a quite peaceful place. Make time for yourself and enjoy your alone time.

8. Snacks: Eating healthy snacks like fruits  and vegetables, are an amazing way treat your body. It’s healthy, delicious and relaxing. 💙💚💜

9. Meditate: Think about your day, your goals, things you want to change, about your life and choices, etc. It’s all about finding all those things that are making you worry in any sense to make peace with it or to simply just to do something about them.

10. Free your spirit: Free your mind, body and soul. How? Do things that makes you happy. The things that I like to do are read, do cardio, draw and paint, listen to music, learn new words and look for inspirational videos on YouTube.

Find whatever speaks to you and free your mind from any contamination. Remember that peace is a matter of the soul and you can’t find it anywhere but inside you. Control your mind and the body will follow.


Clara Villaman

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