Getting My Ears Pierced: Process + Care

Welcome back to my blog! Today I want to share with you my experiences and how I take care of my piercings. I’ve pierced my ears 5 times now, without counting the regular ones we normally get when we were babies. The first time I got a piercing on my own, I was 18 and got a cartilage one on my left ear but, that didn’t work out because I took it off for a week and then when I try to put the piercing back, it was closed. After that, I went and got the same piercing again, and I did a second piercing on my right ear. (I don’t have a clue if it has a name but here’s a pic of that one)  I got both piercings on December 2014.

Then guess what happened when I took my cartilage piercing off? I bet you got it right, IT CLOSED AGAIN!!!! 😡😡😡 I loved that piercing, but apparently it didn’t love me back. Haha

Anyway, I recently pierced my ears and this time I got a matching piercing on my left ear with the one I just show you above, and I did another one, near the cartilage but not on it. Here’s a pic:

How do I take care of them?

  • I clean them twice a day with the ear care solution they sell at Claire’s and at Walmart.
  • I wash my ears with soap and water every time I take a shower.
  • Always, but ALWAYS, wash my hands before I touch them.
  • A tip, turn your piercings around, that’s gonna help with the healing process.
  • Don’t take them off for two months and after that, let them on for a year.
  • Yes, you can switch your piercings, but I recommend you buy real gold ones until they’re completely healed.
  • I occasionally take my piercings off (after the first two months) and clean the earrings with alcohol.

Did it hurt?

It didn’t hurt getting them (all five of them), but the first one I got, the cartilage one, hurt when I went to bed, but the other ones, never did.

Like everything, getting your ears pierced is a really big decision, and not taking the proper care, can lead to unwanted damage. I suggest you consult your parents, family and/or friends, before getting a new piercing or anything that big of a deal. Remember your body is yours, and the way you decorate it does not define you but says a lot of who you are and what you like.

Ps. Here’s a 20 second  footage of me getting my ears pierced:

Enjoy life,

Clara Villaman

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