Things To Do This Summer On A Budget

Hey, guys, welcome to my blog! Uff, what a hot day! Well, many of my friends have told me they have nothing to do this summer and others are a little bit tight on money, so I decided to share a few fun and inexpensive things to do this summer and “live while we’re young”, or whatever kids do these days! 

Here they are:

1. Back to the old days: This means to play your childhood games. For example:

(a) Water-Gun War: Plan a war  with your friends. This will be the bomb and you’ll have so much fun.

(b) Hide & Seek all the way: Whaaat? Well, we all played this and is such an excuse to go to the park with your friends, be active and of course, have fun.

(c) Pool Party: The catch? Theme it from your childhood decade. In my case, I’m a mid 90’s kid. I’d play 90’s and 2000’s Hits, I’d bring tons of candies and beverages from when I was kid, bright colors and patterns for the decoration, games from the decade, etc.

(d) Movie night: Gather all your close friends together for a movie, board games and chit-chat marathon. This will not only jazz up a boring evening, but will let you bond with your friends.

2. Discover your city: Check your city’s website for new places to visit, such as historical places and find cultural events. I bet there’s a lot you haven’t seen and experienced yet. Most of this stuff are free or really inexpensive.


 (a)Bring your friends and family.

 (b)Bring snacks and water so you don’t have to spend on unnecessary things.

 (c)Use the public transportation service. You’ll save money and you’ll see new things, plus you will not have to worry where you’re going to park your car. Bonus!

3. Family trip to the beach: If you are lucky enough to have a beach or a river near you, hit it. It’s free and you can plan a family trip and have fun. C’mon!

4. Learn new things: Use the internet for learning purposes. This sounds cheesy, but you can learn anything, literally. For example, a new language, dance moves, an instrument etc.

5. Create: Make some DYIs!!! We tend to have a lot of free time in the summer, that’s why it is the best season to get creative. Consult friends, family members and the internet for major ideas.

6. Start checking things off of your bucket list: Use your free time to do things you’ve been crazy to do. Think about it, probably, you will never regret it.

Get creative this summer and do crazy new things in your budget. Hit some festivals, blow some bubbles, go to concerts, visit some shelters, get some coloring books… you know? Do whatever makes you happy and have fun. Carpe Diem or YOLO, whichever you prefer. 

With love,

Clara Villaman

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